A mock movie poster I created for a horror/sci-fi-thriller. I utilized an image of bare trees for the vein effect using an overlay layer and red colorization. All images free use from Pixabay.com. 

For my poster, I knew from the started I wanted to go with something on the horror side of sci-fi. My idea was a movie featuring an alien infection and an isolated spaceship, which informed the imagery of the poster. I started with the eclipse image and used content aware fill to create the background of the image. After that was created, I added in the image of the man and the vein imagery (using the image of the bare trees) I took the tree selection using the RGB channel selection method, used Hue to colorize the veins and then used warp with a layer mask to blend them onto the faces. Not satisfied with the man's face, I added in the woman's profile as well, using Colorize and Color Lookup with a layer mask to get a better color match to the background, I did the same with the man's face. I used layer masks to better blend the faces with the background, as well as a lower opacity soft black brush to blend the edges of the image and the woman's head. I also used the Select layer>contract>inverse>duplicate>gaussian blur, and Select layer>new layer>Fill>Gaussian Blur methods to create the dark halo around the faces. I then added in the spaceshipp image, using Hue>Colorize as well as the dark halo techniques to better blend the image. Finally I added the text, using a Soft Light blend mode and duplicated layers to amplify the blend effect while allowing the text to be read.
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