Two mock movie ads created using IAB's Rising Star Ad unit dimensions. What ever happened to a good ol' "hacker" movies? Like a cross between Swordfish and Girl With a Dragon Tattoo, "Glitch" aims to be the hacking thriller for this decade.
To create my designs I started with the woman's portrait and used a layer mask to blend with the cityscape. I then added the glitchy vertical scan line image as an overlay, using a another layer mask to lower the opacity around the woman's face. To the other half of the image, I added the command prompt that I adjusted the coloring on to give the look of code without it being completely readable and added another glitch overlay to further obscure the text. I used a gradient overlay on the woman's face to adjust the lighting and make it look more like she was looking at a screen and a color overlay to match the green of the text and glitch overlay. 
For the vertical image, I also used a gradient map to better blend the left half of the image and to emulate the "looking at a backlit screen" look.
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